EduBlogosphere – What?

After exploring way more than the 5 required blogs, I’m a little overwhelmed. I am a reader, so I tend to start reading the blog, then read all the posts, then think about the posts… By this time, I’ve spent way too much of my precious time! Reading a blog post and responses isn’t like reading a book. For me, it’s like reading a magazine article one month and the responses in the next month’s issue. It’s always interesting to hear what people are willing to write when they don’t have to see you face to face.

My favorite blog that I read was , Why I Don’t Assign Homework. Some of the responses loved Mr. Meyer’s ideas about not giving homework, but some were adamant that homework is a necessary beast. I think Mr. Meyer addressed the issue well, but the posted responses offered great insight into why homework is sometimes necessary. I personally would not choose to give nightly homework if it weren’t required, but I do see the purpose in occasional homework and/or projects that we just don’t have time for at school.

The other blog that struck me as important is Teaching Brevity. Kind of funny considering I just wrote a huge paragraph about one tiny blog. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. The best part of this blog for me was: “Instead of having requirements, how about constraints? Force students to think about each and every word by limiting the number of words allowed. Try it yourself—can you tell a fragment of a story in just 140 characters?” I always hated to be told I had to write a five page paper over something that could be addressed in two. Ugh! The author of this blog makes a great point that students learn to use words better and more precisely when given a limit instead of a minimum. Love it! I wonder what my students could do with this….

Other blogs I explored were:, Is this SSR 2.0;, Spies Like Us; and , A Rationale For Educational Blogging. All of these were interesting and thought provoking. Students reading blogs for SSR, students using their phones to video teachers, and what’s the benefit and purpose of educational blogging are all topics that speak to current times. Read these and see what kinds of ideas and thoughts pop into your head!

Next step for me? Explore more blogs, create a blog for my students to comment on and use, and give an assignment with a word limit to see what happens! Woohoo, here we go!!!

4 thoughts on “EduBlogosphere – What?

  1. I totally agree that reading a blog and all the posts can be very time consuming. In order to save readers time, I’ll stop on that thought 🙂

  2. Hi Tara! I enjoyed reading your post! I plan to explore more blogs and really would love to create a blog for my students as well 🙂

  3. Tara, my favorite Twilighter, I do agree that blog reading is much like reading a magazine article. You skim through much like a magazine article. I enjoy reading blogs too for the fact that people are willing to say or argue their point much more when they are not speaking face to face. It will be interesting to see how our students bounce ideas off one another.

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